Dry-Cleaners Find $1,000 In Suit Pocket

 INWOOD, WV- A West Virginia man has been reunited with over $1,000 after he left the money in a suit pocket four years ago.

An employee at the Dryclean and Shirt Salon in Inwood, West Virginia made the $1,003 discovery in the man's suit pocket Monday morning.

The man said he had not had the suit cleaned for over four years and forgot the money was in there.

Although many may have been tempted to keep the cash, employees informed the customer right away.

"It's my job," said Ginny Baker, the employee who made the discovery.  "I've been doing it for 10 years, and I just treat people the way I would want people to treat me.  If somebody finds something that's mine, I would like for them to give that back to me, too."

Employees say it's common to find money in dropped off clothes, but they've never made a discovery this large.

There are four different Dryclean and Shirt Salons throughout West Virginia.  The owner, Mike McKay says he expected nothing less of his employees.

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