Easter Falls on 4/20


FREDERICK, Md. - Sunday is Easter, a time for most to go to church, set up Easter egg hunts and be with their families. However, many people will be celebrating in a different way this year, by smoking marijuana. This year, Easter happens to fall on the 20th, and 4/20 is known as a day for all pot smokers to light up and get high.

"I thought it was just Easter Sunday," said 75-year-old Irv Dickson. "Now I'm happy to know that it's Easter funday!"

Even though Easter and 4/20 fall on the same day, police say marijuana is still illegal in Maryland, and they're still going to make arrests regardless of the holiday.

"Even though its a holiday, even though its Easter, even though some may celebrate the 420 in a different way, it's still not legal," said Sgt. Mike Pue of the Frederick Police Department. "Officers who encounter people smoking marijuana will still continue to enforce the law in the same way that we've had up until this point."

Dickson says it's a great thing that Easter and 4/20 occur on the same day this year.

"Smoking marijuana tends to lead you into a spiritual direction," Dickson said. "I think if the good lord didn't intend to have this great herb here, it wouldn't be here."

It's important for Marylanders to understand that the new marijuana laws in the state are not yet in place.

"Even though the legislature recently passed the marijuana decriminalization laws and the Governor has signed that into effect, those laws don't take effect until October the first of this year," Pue added.

Regardless of the laws, having 4/20 and Easter on the same day is a great coincidence in Dickson's opinion.

"I think it's a great way to paint your eggs when you have some of the substance, you can really do some creative things on Easter," Dickson said. "Enjoy your day which is what God intended you to do. Be with the family, enjoy good food, nothing like an Easter ham after lighting up!"

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