Easter Sunday Brings Holiday Traditions


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - For many, Easter Sunday begins with a trip to church.

"For me personally it's the day our savior Jesus Christ rose and resurrected from the dead," said Amy Clipp, a Hagerstown resident. "It's a big holiday that I like to celebrate especially as a church and for Christianity."

After church, it's time to meet up with friends and family to celebrate the holiday.

"It means family time, spending time with our family, the ones we don't usually see, and just  having fun with all the family," said Jeremy Hardy, a Hagerstown resident. 

Once with the family, its time to begin all the traditions that come with Easter.

"Usually every morning, our parents hide our Easter baskets and we go around and look for them," Katie Hardy said.

"I know my parents actually wouldn't mow the grass until after Easter so we could have those awesome egg hunts, having those egg hunts, dying those eggs, and of course, the candy!"," Clipp added. 

Along with enjoying the beautiful weather, spending time with friends and family, and setting up Easter egg hunts, there's also something else everyone loves to indulge in on Easter, and that's the food!

"I just go all out until I can't eat anymore," Jeremy Hardy said.  "I just sleep it off afterwards."

"Just eat all you want," Katie Hardy added. "The next day you can just not eat that much."

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