Economy Growth Forum Held at Wilson College

- CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Local business leaders gathered at Wilson College to learn more about how they can work together to help the economy grow.

“Our education forum that they always do introduce our local business leaders to the programs that are offered here at Wilson College and the economic impact that Wilson College has on the community,” said Dr. Eric Michael, Director of the Master of Education Program.

They learned about educational programs, like what future students would receive, and took a tour of the campus, including what will be the new library.

“We want to make sure since they're out recruiting businesses and industry to come into the area that they have the proper information to convey to those business leaders that to make sure that we are a very viable economically in the community that they would like to relocate to,” said Michael.

Alumni are funding a brand new library at Wilson. They're expected to break ground this summer before classes begin again.

“All of us share a common goal. And that's to improve the community and improve the livability in this community. So working together, we can attract businesses and also improve the living conditions within this community and make it a place that people want to come to and live,” Michael said.

This coming year is actually the first official year Wilson will be co-ed.

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