"Euge Groove" Playing Concert to Buy South Hagerstown High School Band Uniforms


HAGERSTOWN, MD - There's something to say about brand-new matching uniforms for any high school band especially when it comes to competitions; but for South Hagerstown High School (SHHS), their uniforms are going on 15 years old.  

"They're actually older than the freshman marching in them," said Scott Benford, SHHS band director.

The band director says each one costs $500 and they're looking to buy about 150, quick math tells you they need to raise $75,000.

"It's supposed to be green pants then the white shirt, but the white is an off-white now, not like the clean white we want it to be," said Samantha Rossiter, SHHS drum major and senior.

Samantha didn't mention the missing buttons, tears or scuffs. So SHHS alum, Steve Grove, stepped up to the plate. He goes by the stage name, "Euge Groove," and has made a name for himself around the world as a saxophone player.

"He's recorded with Elton John, he was Lisa Simpson's saxophone on the Simpson's 'Singing the Blues' album," said Benford.

Euge Groove is playing a benefit concert at South High this September and giving the majority of the proceeds to the band towards new uniforms.

"He's probably the most famous South High alum, and the fact that he is supporting our music program here is phenomenal," said Benford.

Band camp just started and South High musicians will practice 12 hours a day for the next two weeks.

"We'll have the drama and everything every band will have, but then at the end of the day, we're like one big family, it's really cool," said Rossiter.

"Everyone is a quarter-back for us," said Benford.

Now they're kicking it into high-gear to start this school year off right, and hope to sell-out their benefit concert this fall.

The Euge Groove concert will be September 15, 2013 at 7 p.m. and held at the South Hagerstown High School auditorium. To buy tickets see the band's website. 

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