Expansion Considered for Waynesboro Area Middle School


WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Elementary schools in the Waynesboro Area School District have been overcrowded for years, creating a need for more classroom space as enrollment continues to increase.

For the past four years, about 50 to 100 elementary school students in the district have been shuttled around on a daily basis due to over-crowding, according to administrators.

Those students have to take four separate bus rides every day. They arrive at their assigned elementary school only to be bused to a different school in the district. Going home requires the same multi-step process.

"We have an imbalance between some of our buildings,” said Thomas Dick, business administrator for Waynesboro Area School District. “We have more students in one building than other, so we actually have to shuttle them between buildings for specific grades."

It is clear overcrowding in the elementary schools has been a problem for years, so administrators say they are eager to move forward with a potential solution.

"Sometimes it involves students from the same family getting split up,” Dick said. “It does impact their day when you have to move students from place to place. So we'd like to remedy that situation."

The school board recently approved a feasibility study that will help them decide if expanding the Waynesboro Area Middle School would alleviate over-crowding at the elementary level. This solution entails moving the sixth grade to the middle school.

Long-range, I think this is probably going to be our best option,” Dick said. "We think we're going to continue to see more students coming into the area. Now we really have to start the plan for what we're going to see over the next few years."

If approved, the middle school expansion project is estimated to cost about $4 to $5 million. Administrators said the feasibility study will take about five to six months to complete.

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