Extreme Flooding and Road Closures in Warren County, Virginia

WARREN COUNTY, VA - For the past few days, the four-state region has seen nothing but heavy rain and gloomy skies.

It is weather that is not posed as life-threatening but as a fire officials say, it's rather a nuisance.

"Well, this particular storm, it's more of a nuisance, an inconvenience. To give an example, the Front Royal river gauges show Shenandoah is 12 foot and it's predicted to crest at about 11 and a half to 12," says Richard Mabie, Warren County fire chief.

Warren County, Virginia is one of the locations that is being hit hard with this rain.

Fire officials say about five or six roads have already been closed.

"We've got both of our low water bridges closed right now with gates across them; access to them is very limited and if they follow our advice in good common sense, they'll be fine," adds Mabie.

Mountain Road and Wakeman Mill Road are closed due to the terrible flooding that is expected to get worse.

There are flood warnings for the Shenandoah River through Friday evening and the National Weather Service says the flood stage can get up to 13 feet.

"Less than six inches of water can float vehicles right off of a roadway during these flood conditions," says Gerry Maiatico, captain of the Warren County Fire & Rescue.

Chief Mabie says the worst flooding he has seen was back in 1995 so he says 12 feet for Warren County is no surprise.

Warren County residents have seen water flood up to 30 feet, so this time, they are already prepared.

"Most people here know where it floods and they know where the inconveniences are. Stay out of those areas. You know, it's the same story everytime the river floods," adds Mabie.

While there has not been any calls of service yet, fire officials are preparing four water rescue boats just in case something comes up .

The National Weather Service says the flood stage can get up to 12 and a half feet to 13 feet by mid-afternoon tomorrow. More rain is possibly forecasted for Friday.





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