Families Celebrate Thanksgiving at Salvation Army

HAGERSTOWN, MD - The Salvation Army held a Thanksgiving dinner for the needy in Hagerstown. It's become a tradition, at a place that many young residents depend on.

The Salvation Army offers weekday meals to those in need, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. But they say it's their thanksgiving dinner that draws more than 300 people, in just an hour and a half.

"That kind of makes your own Thanksgiving taste a little better when you know they've had something," says volunteer Amber Sharps.

The dinner brought families to the table, with lots of children, including Cheyenne, just seven months old. Her mother receives disability payments, and a meal like this is a big help.

"You know I'm going through a lot of struggle," says her mother, Jennifer Walsh. "But I'm fighting it. I'm doing this for my daughter, I'm not doing this for me."

Hagerstown Community College students volunteer to help each year. They say it's a blessing.

"Just a real great thing that we've been able to help and seeing the looks on some of their faces and the kids getting their bellies full, that really makes you feel good," says Sharps.

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