Family Asks Others to do Good Deeds to Remember Daughter

- FREDERICK, Md. - A little girl died earlier this year in a fire in Frederick County, and her family is asking people do four acts of kindness Tuesday to remember her on what would be her 4th birthday.

Three-year-old Madigan Lillard and her six-year-old sister Sophie died in a fire at their Myersville home.

"It's tough for us because nothing is going to make the day good for us, but it makes it a little bit better, and we can look back and see that for other people it was a more positive day than it would have been," said Jack Lillard, Madigan's father.

The Lillards created a Facebook page "Grateful and Giving for Madigan's 4th."

"Seeing people join in on this day, it just gives us the brief moment where when we see a story of someone where they bought food for somebody for the person in line, they donated to a needy family, or they give a Thanksgiving turkey to a family that couldn't afford it on their own, it gives us these brief moments where Madigan is still touching lives," Lillard said.

They hope having people to good deeds on her birthday will be a positive way to the community to remember the little girl.

"We of course would want to be planning a birthday party, watching her as she opens her own presents, and celebrating her birthday," Lillard said. "We can't have that, so we're looking for these momentary pieces where we can see a little bit of joy for somebody else."

You can join Madigan's Facebook page and post your four acts of kindness by clicking here

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