Family Restaurant Serves Hot Meal to Say 'Thank You'

FREDERICK, MD - The Joneses have hosted their annual turkey dinner at Lohr's Family Restaurant in Frederick for years, and Tuesday marked the feast's tenth year.

They say it's a pleasure to prepare a meal for those who are like family and have supported them, and for those who may not otherwise have a hot meal on Christmas.

"The people are so nice and so friendly, and it's just community," says Cyndi Widrick, a long-time volunteer.

Volunteers say giving is truly what the day is about. They hope to do more throughout the year.

"When we take our minds and hearts off of our own situations, and we put them out to make somebody else's day nice, even just with a smile, our troubles kind of go away," says Widrick.

Yellow Cab also contributed by taking people to and from the dinner.

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