Farmers Gear Up for Farming Season with Field Day


MCCONNELLSBURG, Pa. - Farming season is kicking into high gear this month. Farmers in Pennsylvania came together Tuesday to learn more about their craft and how to be safe while doing it.

“It’s an important time of the year for farmers because they will be going out into the field with big equipment, plowing the fields, and planting the fields, so there is going to be some wide loads,” said Eric Cromer, from the Fulton County Conservation District. “So we just want everyone be aware that these loads are wide and actually really slow, so we want people to be very cautious out there.”

Cromer said the rural community has grown and it’s important that the farmers and other drivers are cautious on the roads.

“If you are coming around a turn you may never know what could be coming around that turn, it could be a tractor or maybe even a truck with a wide load on it,” said Cromer. “We just want to make sure that everyone is safe."

The Cropland Field Day was more than just about road safety. They also discussed soil quality and materials needed to grow healthy crops.

"So we have our soils, what we can do to get the most out of them; then we are going to start with our planter and how to have that set up to be the very best stand we can,” said Brad Michael,  District Conservationist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Michael said producers need to understand their impact goes beyond just their farm.

"As producers in this country, we are not just feeding ourselves or our local community, it goes bigger than that; its state, national, globally, and we want to do the very best we can,” said Michael. “We want to give the producers the best opportunity and the tools to do the very best job that they can."

The event was held at the Johnston Farms. Farmers at the event say the season should start around mid-April as soon as the weather clears up.

The Fulton County Farm Bureau and the Fulton County Conservation District, Penn State extension, Brinkley and Hurst, Johnston farms, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and PA Department of Environmental Protection collaborated on the event.

There were more than 100 attendees.

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