FCPS Will Put More Cameras on School Buses

FREDERICK, MD - Those with Frederick County Public Schools are taking steps this week to make students safer on school buses.

Students will take home bus safety brochures and even design posters for National School Bus Safety Week.

"We're focusing on just a few basic safety tips for all of our school bus riders. The number one thing to do is pay attention to the driver. Make eye contact with the driver before you get on the bus. Look for the driver. Make sure the driver sees you," said Michael Doerrer, spokesman for Frederick County Public Schools.

FCPS is also trying to promote safety by adding cameras after a new law went into effect on October 1. The new law allows the cameras to capture both the front and rear plates.

"There has actually only been one citation issued since October, but that's good news," Doerrer said. "That means drivers are paying attention to the messages we're sending out about school bus safety, about slowing down around buses, and about paying attention to those stop signs and those flashing lights."

About five percent of county buses have the new cameras, and school officials hope to get that number up to 10 percent by December.

More than 400 Frederick County buses carry about 30,000 students to and from school each year.

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