Felony Warrants Out For Three in Meth Lab Trailer Fire

- MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Officers with the Martinsburg Police Department currently have active felony warrants out for three people in connection to a suspected meth lab trailer fire that happened early Tuesday morning. 

Captain GB Swartwood says Rodney Dean Canby, 35, James Williams Exline, 34, and Amy Lynn Burker, 33, are believed to have been operating a meth laboratory together in the trailer, located on 312 Athletic Street in Martinsburg. 

During the course of the investigation several items and components which were indicative for the operation of a clandestine meth lab were found. Police say some of these items discovered were Coleman fuel, a respirator mask, propane cylinders, alkaline batteries, blister pack of pseudoephedrine, and coiled copper tubing. 

They also say coffee filters were found with residue, plastic tubing, and a Gatorade bottle was found containing a solid residue. These items and components are known to be indicative and utilized in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, police say. A respirator mask was also found outside of the trailer. 

The investigation revealed that the trailer was owned by a Rodney Dean Canby Jr. through Municipal records. As we've reported, no injuries were reported although the homeowner's dog was killed in the fire. 

A witness, Deborah Taylor, who's the Aunt of Rodney, said on the day of the fire a girl called her and said she was sleeping, smelled smoke, and ran outside looking for Rodney. She said she was calling from Berkeley Station 7-Eleven. 

Police also say on Wednesday, April 2, they received a call from a Florida resident, who identified herself as Sarah Hartman. She advised to police she was a recovering meth addict, and had stayed at 312 Athletic Street in the past where Rodney has been making meth using the "shake and bake" method. 

Hartman told police she got a phone call from Billy, stating "Something bad happened, I don't know what is going on, but I had to get out of the trailer." She told police Billy, along with James and Amy were staying at a Motel 6 in Hagerstown. She said all three were planning to flee to Florida. 

Officers continue to search for the person(s) who left the scene, and are actively pursuing leads. 

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