Feud Resolved Over Tractor Trailer Noise Complaints at Gas Station

- MIDDLETOWN, Va. - A heated debate arose between the Liberty gas station on Reliance Road, town council, and some residents.

Several residents near the station complained about the loud tractor trailer noises.

There are already signs that say one hour of minimum parking but an additional sign will be put up in about one to two weeks that will say "No idling."

Truck drivers say while they are aware it is not a truck stop, they say it is a convenient spot to pull over and relax.

"Personally, I feel like, if you know, if this driver needs to rest for 30 or 45 minutes or two hours, it's better than running over somebody's family here in town," said Benny Johnson, who has been a truck driver for about 35 years.

Chief Breeden of the Middletown Police Department says the station is easy for drivers to enter an exit onto the interstates.

"Most of the trucks driving north or south seems to be pretty much a halfway point, if you will, for lack of a better term, as far as their log books are concerned," said Chief Breeden.

The mayor of Middletown was not available in person but issued a statement saying, "We look forward to our partnership with Liberty Gas Station, and we thank Mr. Holzman for going out of his way to help solve the issue. We also certainly hope the issue is resolved and that both parties are pleased."

It is a solution all parties are happy with as Liberty can continue to see their business boom.

"I'm really glad that the property owner and the business owner and the council, for the sake of the citizens that lives behind there were able to resolve the problem to do it in a peaceful way," adds Chief Breeden.

While the owner of the gas station declined to comment, Chief Breeden says the owner was never bothered by the noise and was happy to welcome any business because it provided more income to the area.


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