Firefighters Find Man, Save His Life


WINCHESTER, Va. – Five people have been displaced after a fire at a duplex on 116 East Cork Street.

Thanks to the bravery of two Winchester firefighters, one person was pulled out of the flames, and survived.

"There were a lot of things working against us when we arrived. We did have some wind conditions. It was duplex, older construction, and we had heavy fire in the structure. We were concerned about exposures,” said Winchester Fire and Rescue Chief, Allen Baldwin.

When the Winchester Fire Department received the call, initial reports said all residence were out of the building.

But when firefighters Dustin Amtower and Andrew Mudd went inside, they found one man searching for the front door, trying to get out.

"It was a good rescue. It was a good save. Some people may look at it as an easy rescue, because the attack crew found the victim two to three feet inside the door. But again, no rescue is ever easy,” said Baldwin.

The two fire fighters were able to pull him out of the burning building, and get him the medical attention he needed.

"Our folks did an excellent job of staying focused to the task at hand. The rescue was conducted. The victim was removed, patient treated. And again, nobody missed a beat, and continued to do their jobs while that was all going on," Baldwin said.

Investigators believe the fire started in the kitchen, but the cause and incident are still under investigation.

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