Fires Being Called Suspicious, One Intentionally Set

- HAGERSTOWN, Md - Two different homes were on fire early Saturday morning, both on Frederick Street. Hagerstown Fire Marshal, Doug Dehaven, said no one was injured at either fire.

The fire at 266 Frederick Street is part of a duplex, but luckily the other side wasn't touched.

"Visible fire in the back of the building, extending from the back of the building up through the first, second floor and into the attic," Dehaven said. "After their (Fire Marshal's office)investigation, (they) determined the fire is intentionally set."

Neighbors said the smell of the fire woke them up, but it wasn't just because of the fire at 266 Frederick Street.

"A second fire the other night at another house, all though it burned itself out, on Frederick Street of similar situation we're looking here at 266," Dehaven said.

Meanwhile, in Berkeley County, a mobile home was engulfed in flames late Friday night on Kitchen Orchard Road. The West Virginia State Police Sergeant J. Walker said no one was harmed.

Walker said police have suspicion to believe the tenant of the mobile home was evicted earlier Friday and may have set the mobile home on fire.

Patty Ammons, a neighbor, there said it's upsetting to see any home on fire.

"It's always a tragedy when someone's belongings and that type of thing is destroyed by a fire. Something you can't replace," Ammons said.

Dehaven said he feels there's more fire activity than usual and to always maintain and secure your property, even if its vacant.

According to the Hagerstown Fire Department and West Virginia State Police, an investigation is ongoing for both fires.


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