First Energy Initiating Water and Ice Program

WHAG NEWS - On the heels of Tuesday night's powerful storm, First Energy has announced they are beginning their water and ice program in Frederick and Hagerstown. 

Customers without power may go to any of the three Martin's stores in Hagerstown or the two Giant Eagle stores in Frederick and receive 20 lbs of ice and three gallons of bottled water per day. 

Martin's said it seems so far not everyone without power knows about the free water and ice being offered, and that all you need to do is go to any register and let the cashier know you are without power. 

Locations are:
  • 1729 Dual Highway, Hagerstown
  • 1650 Wesel Boulevard, Hagerstown
  • 18726 North Pointe Drive, Hagerstown
  • 1275 West Patrick Street, Frederick
  • 1305 West 7th Street Frederick
To report outages, First Energy customers can call First Energy Toll Free at 1-888-544-4877. 

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