First Lady Campaigns in Northern Virginia

LEESBURG, VA - The First Lady spoke at a campaign event Tuesday to target Virginia voters, drawing some of the crowd from the northern Shenandoah Valley.

Voters at the event say the issues at stake this election year are more personal than ever.

"My grandson is severely affected by cerebral palsy, and we just don't do a very good job of helping the families," says Winchester voter Helen Reitan.

"I have a young daughter, she's going to be here when I'm gone and I want to see that things are taken care of," says Cindy Brown from Berryville.

Michelle Obama focused her speech on her husband's support of women's issues, health care and education.

"I'm a retired educator, so anything she's got to say about the future for our children, education system I'm willing to listen to," says Ned Olinger from Winchester.

These voters aren't new supporters. They say they made Barack Obama president in 2008, and they're ready to do it again. Although they say, their neighbors might not be.

"I think Frederick County is still more Romney," says Olinger.

"We have a choice about the America we want to leave for our kids," Michelle Obama told the crowd. "Here's what I really want you to tell them. Tell them Barack Obama knows the American dream because he's lived it."

Virginia's registration deadline is coming up October 15th.

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