Monocacy River Floods Several Frederick County Locations

- FREDERICK, Md. - Some Frederick locations are temporarily closed after the Monocacy River reached flood level early Monday morning.

"A lot of people don't know this happens. If you follow the line of the Monocacy River you will see that on both sides it will be flooded," said Lt. Shippey of Frederick County Fire and Rescue.

Frederick County's Division of Emergency Management reports that the river has spilled over significantly into at least three parks in the area with several road closures enacted as precautionary safety measures. Water levels are expected to peak at 15 feet.

Locals intrigued by the rare sight gathered at the scene of a severely flooded Pinecliff park to take in the view.

"We heard that the flood stage was going to be really high so we thought we would check it out for the day," said Liz Henry, a Frederick County local.

This flood is a little over a foot short of Mother Nature's last show, when Monocacy River's flood stage peaked at 16 feet back in March 2011.

"Can't beat Mother Nature, you know, she's going to win over on everything," said Henry.

The flood warning will last through the early morning of April 1, 2014. 

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