Flooding Issues in Areas After Heavy Rainfall


MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - With heavy rainfall sometimes comes flooded roads. Even if skies are clear, the day after heavy rain can bring other problems as well. Crews at the Berkeley County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management scope out flooded areas the day after heavy rainfall to see if the water has receded or if people need assistance.

"We also make sure any road signs or traffic control devices that we place out there to keep the public from driving through the standing water are there," said Stephen Allen, director at the Berkeley County Office.

Some roads may still be closed due to the flooding days after it rains. Emergency management determines when they can reopen.

"We continuously monitor the National Weather Service to find out what the water levels or creek levels are," Allen said. "As we notice as they are going down or receding back down into the banks, we'll go out making sure that the roadway is clear."

Allen adds that it's important to follow the signs if a road is closed and to never drive through a flooded area.

"It only takes about a foot of water to lift a normal automobile and take it down stream," Allen said. "It's very dangerous driving through and not only the water lifting, but the vehicles can stall out"

Emergency management also says if flooding is severe enough where you have to evacuate your house to get out safely and give them a call for assistance. They add if you don't have to be on the roads during heavy rain then don't risk going out.

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