Inside the Business of Mother's Day

- MIDDLETOWN, Md. - Mother's day is the time of year to show the woman who gave you baths and cured your colds just how special she is.

According to the National Retail Federation, two-thirds of Americans celebrating their moms on the nationwide holiday honor her with her favorite flowers. To be exact, $2.3 billion is spent on flowers.

"She just really loves flowers," said Courtney Lucas, who was buying flowers for her mother-in-law.

Its an exciting occasion for many families but also for flower shops like Candlelight Floral Designs in Middletown, who say its one of the busiest times of year.

"We had multiple things going out and nobody sat down for a minute all day," said Chris Popple, owner of Candlelight Florist Designs.

"Flowers are a nice touch for mothers day," said Nancy Jones, a local grandmother.

Before the beautiful exchange between child and mother, a lot of work and precision goes into delivering the floral creation.

"We need to make sure the flowers are in pristine condition before we send them out. We have to know when they're going to open, how long their going to take to open, whether they need to be refrigerated or their going to open immediately after coming out of the fridge," said Melissa Popple, owner of Candlelight Florist Designs.

The flowers known to put a smile on mom's face are imported from around the globe: birds of paradise from the Caribbean, orchids from Puerto Rico and even some locally grown blossoms.

"All of our lavenders are bought up from Virginia so we try and use as many local farms as we possibly can," said Popple.

The average shelf life for a beautiful bouquet is around a week but with a little care like changing the water frequently and keeping the flowers out of direct sunlight, florists say mom can enjoy the gift a little bit longer.

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