FMH's 'Go Red Seminar' Promotes Heart Health Education


FREDERICK, Md. - To hear you have heart disease is never good news for anyone, but if you ask a doctor they will tell you it is easier to prevent it than to treat it.

"People don't really realize, especially in the female population, that heart disease is the number one killer. Even if you take a look at all the cancers and all the other diseases, cardiovascular disease is significant and it's under-diagnosed," said Rachel Mandel, assistance vice president of Medical Affairs.

In honor of National Wear Red Day, Frederick Memorial Hospital hosted a 'Go Red' seminar, promoting healthy heart education.

Gender also makes a difference when it comes to symptoms in men and women.

"Genetics and certainly gender; men are at higher risk, depending on what age they're at but there's a lot of modifiable lifestyle choices you can make, things you can change," adds Mandel.

Doctors say your diet and whether you smoke or not can make a large difference.

"Eating healthy, exercising, not smoking, keeping your cholesterol under control, knowing the difference between good and bad cholesterol," said Mandel.

Simple lifestyle changes can only help maintain a healthy heart in the long run.

Frederick Memorial Hospital also hosted another heart health education event at the Crestwood Center Friday night.



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