Former Hagerstown Dentist Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - A former dentist has plead guilty in Baltimore to one of two federal charges against him.

"He apparently did enter a plea of guilty to one count of distribution of oxycodone," Assistant State's Attorney Brett Wilson said. "He has not been sentenced yet."

Vaqar Choudry was indicted in 2013 after officials said he gave painkillers to patients who did not need them. Choudry is also being charged with soliciting a minor for sex.

"That charge is still pending," Wilson added. "My understanding, as with most plea agreements, is once the sentencing is completed, all other charges will be dismissed by the court."

In 2012 the DEA arranged a meeting at the Motel 6 on Massey boulevard in Hagerstown with Choudry and a fictional minor. Choudry had agreed to provide oxycodone in exchange for sex, he was immediately arrested upon arrival.

"At the state level, all the charges revolve around child molestation-type charges," Wilson said. "He was not charged with any of the distribution under the state laws."

Once Choudry is sentenced at a federal level, the state will take over with their charges against him.

"What's happening at this point is the state charges are still pending," Wilson said. "The trial date has been set later this summer. We'll have to see if the federal process is completed by then, or perhaps need an additional continuance to make sure we get the federal system done before we go ahead to trial on the state charges."

The trail for Choudry's state charges is expected to begin in July.

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