MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A Martinsburg High School star quarterback is facing criminal charges after police searched his cell phone, claiming to find videos involving a minor engaging in a sex act.

Malique Ahmad Watkins, 18, is facing charges of possessing sexually explicit materials. While the Berkeley County Public Schools did not wish to speak on camera, they issued a statement on his arrest:

"Martinsburg High School cooperated fully with the Martinsburg City Police during its investigation into this matter. Because this is a confidential matter involving our students, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits us from commenting further."

According to court records, Watkins' cell phone contained three videos shot on the night of October 27, 2013. It depicted a 19-year old female engaging in sexual activity with a 17-year

"Malique Watkins had an arrest warrant issued for him. That arrest warrant was served. He's been placed on bond anticipating a preliminary hearing soon on him on this particular change," said Pamela Jean Games-Neely, Berkeley County prosecuting attorney.

Watkins' cell phone was seized on November 26, 2013 with regards to a separate investigation, and was turned over to the West Virginia State Police for forensic examination. Neely would not comment further on what the primary investigation was.

Watkins led the Bulldogs to a state title last fall in 2013. He faced eligibility concerns during the season, but was later allowed to play.

"We're dealing with once again high school aged kids. We're dealing with their access to technology that years ago we never dreamed of," said Rick Rohn, manager of Morgan's Trophies, whose daughter attends Martinsburg High School.

This was Martinsburg High School's second arrest following the 2012 arrest of Justin "Cookie" Clinton for felony charges including kidnapping.

"At this particular point, it's just another case Berkeley County is proceeding against it," adds Games-Neely.

As of Tuesday, Watkins has been placed on a $15,000 bond while awaiting his court proceeding, which has been tentatively scheduled for March 26 at 1:15 p.m.












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