Former Officer Marks 12th Sentenced in Series of RCI Inmate Assaults

WHAG NEWS - Former officer Reginald Martin who worked at Roxbury Correctional Institution in Hagerstown, Md., has been sentenced to serve 12 months and one day in prison for his role in the assault of inmate Kenneth Davis, according officials with the US Department of Justice. 

RCI officers from three different shifts assaulted Davis in March 2008 in retaliation for a prior incident in which Davis struck an officer. 

Officials say Martin pleaded guilty on January 9, 2014 to a deprivation of rights under color of law. According to court documents, Martin acknowledged that he witnessed other RCI officers unlawfully assaulting Davis, and that he failed to intervene and stop the assault. 

Martin also admitted to the court that the assault on March 9, 2008 was consistent with practices at RCI, where officers would use force to punish inmates who had engaged in misconduct. Martin also admitted that he and other officers tried to cover up their involvement in the assault of Davis. 

To date, officials say 16 current or former officers at RCI have been convicted in connection with the series of assault that Davis suffered on March 8-9, 2008. 

According to court officials, Lanny Harris, Philip Mayo, Jeremy McCuster, Walter Steele, Robert Harvey, Keith Morris, Dustin Norris, Ryan Lohr, Tyson Kinchle, Michael Morgan and Josh Hummerhave already have been sentenced. 

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