Former Volunteer Firefighter Sentenced on Theft Charges

ALLEGANY COUNTY, Md. - A former volunteer firefighter has been sentenced on theft and other related charges after he staged a burglary last year, according to the Office of the State's Attorney for Allegany County. 

Court officials say Douglas William Kiser, of Corriganville, Md., was sentenced to serve three years in the Maryland Department of Corrections, suspending 18 months of that sentence. Kiser was charged for theft having value of $1,000 to under $10,000 and malicious destruction of property.

As we've reported, Kiser, who was a member and trustee of the Corriganville Volunteer Fire Department, staged a burglary at the fire department in the spring of 2013. Officials say Kiser stole $5,000 in cash and gift cards from the organization's safe. 

Evidence showed Kiser was one of five people who had access to the safe room, and had used the stolen gift cards at a local convenience store. Officials say the investigation was greatly aided by the detailed record keeping and business practices maintained by the Corriganville Fire Department. 

Upon Kisers' release, officials say he will be placed on supervised probation for a period of two years and has been ordered to remain off Corriganville Fire Department property. 

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