Foster Parent Honored For Helping Children

WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD - Within three years, Dan and Tina Hall have taken in almost a dozen foster children and eventually adopted four of them.

This hard work has gotten them recognition in the state of Maryland. The Halls were recognized as foster parents of the year in Washington County.

The couple has been taking children into their home since 2008, but Dan Hall says his background as a foster child has driven him to help other foster children.

"When I was in foster care, we were often beaten and tied down," says Dan Hall.

Dan Hall says that experience has helped him and his wife understand the trauma some of their children go through.

The couple says they continue to face many challenges. Two of their daughters were abused and Tina Hall says she goes to therapy with them in order to heal.

"There are times I meet with the therapist by myself," says Tina hall. "Not only for me to understand what's going on, but for me to know how to help them in dealing with everything that has happened with them," she says.

Since they've been foster parents, the Halls have helped almost a dozen children in the system.

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