Four Months After Distracted Driving Law, Locals Persist

- FREDERICK, Md.-- Its been four months since the distracted driving law was enacted in Maryland, but for some using the phone while driving is a habit that is still hard to kick.

"Sometimes its hard to resist, I see a text message and I really have to answer it. I feel like someone is waiting for my answer," said Tatiana Goloborodko, a commuter from Clarksburg, Wv.

According to a new study released by Liberty Mutual, 86 percent of teens admitted to using their cell phones while behind the wheel. But its not just teens.

"Its really hard to resist. My 16-year-olds just got their licenses and I actually told them they couldn't have their phones in the console because I just don't think they could not look at it if it beeped or if they were sitting in traffic because I know I can't," said Tonya Cherry, a Frederick County local.

An impulse that Sergeant Colantuno says he still witnesses regularly on the roads.

"We've seen a larger incident of our officers enforcing the laws that are now on the books," said Sgt. Colantuno.

Despite the new law, about one quarter to half the citations issued by the traffic unit involve a cellular device.

"Driving a motor vehicle is a divided attention skill and it requires your full attention. That's why the law is in place for every one to be safe," added Colantuno.

The study suggests when feeling the urge to use your phone, find a safe place to pull off of the road and make a call or send a text because its simply not worth the risk to respond at a stop sign or before the light turns green.

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