Frederick Co. Possible Location for New FBI Records Building

FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - The General Services Administration is making a second attempt at gathering site recommendations in the Winchester-Frederick County area for a new FBI Records Facility.

"I think they're looking for at least 40 contiguous acres. They want to be able to construct at least 500,000 square feet of records storage, retention and office area. They want to be accessible to obviously infrastructure, transportation, water, sewer and those sorts of things," said John Riley, Jr., Frederick County’s Administrator.

It's a project that has been in the works since 2004. Until a site is acquired, the FBI is renting a space off Tasker Road.

"[The FBI is] here, but they don't have a permanent facility, and that's what this is all about. It is about finishing this particular phase of it, finding a site and building their facility," said Riley.

"Areas in Winchester and Frederick County have been considered because of their easy access to Washington, D.C., while at the same time remaining out of the so-called "blast zone", which is that area that is within 50 radius miles of the center of Washington D.C.," said Riley.

Individuals will have until August 29, 2014 to submit proposals.

"I think the intent is to stay here. I think that was part of the appropriations [deal], that [the FBI Records Facility] be the Frederick-Winchester area,” said Riley. “So it's not going to go anywhere other than here."

That being said, if the GSA can't find a site soon, they may have to start looking elsewhere.

For more information on the GSA’s site requirements for the FBI Records Facility and how to submit a proposal, click on this link to download more information, or email

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