Frederick Co. Seeing Rapid Increase in Alzheimer's Patients

FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - Warner Howe has seen a lot over the years, but if you ask him about his adventures, he may not even remember his last name.

Howe was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease about eight years ago.

"My brothers came into town and he wanted to know who they were," says Susan Crowson, Howe's daughter.

He is now in the late stages of the disease and at times can't remember what he did just minutes before. It's a trend becoming more and more common among aging adults.

"We are seeing a rapid increase in Alzheimer's disease, because we are now living long enough to get it," says Mary Ann Farr with the Alzheimer's Association.  "More people are living longer and we are living in an aging population so we are seeing an explosion in Alzheimer's disease."

About 3,000 people in Frederick County, Md. live with the disease everyday. Crowson says support from her local Alzheimer's association has helped her cope, but wishes she could have known more about the disease before her father started to show the warning signs.

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