Frederick Community College Honors Student Veterans

FREDERICK, MD - Those at Frederick Community College honored veterans in a ceremony Monday afternoon.

The ceremony, 'You Are Remembered,' recognized the sacrifice of the college's 180 student veterans.

"We accept and appreciate their sacrifices, their contributions, and what they're doing to serve all of us in the country," says F.J. Talley, FCC president. "In fact, the college is behind them in supporting their success now that they're here as students."

Students, staff, and veteran's family members participated in National Roll Call. The group read the names of the more than 6,000 service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. It took several hours to read all the names.

"What the veterans bring to our class is a real sense of maturity," says Larry Huff, advisor to FCC Student Veterans. "They stand out in your classroom. You know when you have a student veteran. You know from the look in their eyes. You know from their maturity level, and they are really there to get the work done."

FCC student veterans say it's challenging going to college after serving the country but those on the campus help make it easier for them.

"At first, it was challenging for me because I come from a different world. It's a different language pretty much what we use than non-veteran students use." said Cpl. Kyle Pineda, U.S. Marine Corps.

Several of the student veterans at FCC helped to plan the ceremony.

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