Frederick County, Md., Hit Hard by Snow Storm

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Snow covered streets, cars and schools closed because of the snow. Those are just a few of the things residents in Frederick County say they’re seeing too much of this winter.

I wouldn't trade the seasons for anything, but the snow has been a lot this year and we're ready to get the spring on,” said Crystal Thompson, a Manager at OldeTowne Historic Landscape, Inc.

Spring is less than a month away, but there’s no telling when you feel the temperatures outside. WHAG’s Meteorologist Stephanie Sine said both of the snow storms that hit Frederick County with the brunt of the storm originated off the coast of California.

“Gone straight through the nation, through the Mid-Atlantic, hitting Frederick County actually right in the bulls-eye of most of our heaviest snow,” said WHAG-TV Meteorologist Stephanie Sine. “So half of it's luck and the other half is that it's been so cold because of our arctic air masses this winter season.”

Frederick County resident Crystal Thompson said just as her feelings on all the snowfall are mixed, so are the impacts it’s having on business this winter.

“Our business has been somewhat slow because of the snow, but other then that we do plow, we do you know clean up some residents in Frederick city, so other then that it's been well but its been bad for our concrete,” said Thompson.

All the snow isn’t turning out so great for Frederick County Public School students who now have to make up at least three of their snow days. The Board of Education is also considering adding two additional make up snow days if needed.

While there’s no telling what Mother Nature could do, weather models are not predicting any big snow storms for our area for the rest of this winter.

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