Frederick County, MD Schools React to Community Concerns about Friday AM Snow

FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - After a little snow fell overnight Thursday into Friday Morning, a hand full of schools across the area decided to delay or even close, but parents and community members spoke out about Frederick County, MD Public Schools decision not do delay the opening of school on Friday Morning.

In a statement sent to WHAG, Frederick County, MD School officials say:

"FCPS would like to acknowledge all of the messages of concern we have received this morning about our decision not to delay the opening of schools. We faced a difficult decision this morning about whether to open schools on time. Indeed, we've faced several difficult weather-related decisions over the last couple of weeks. In this case, we acknowledge a delay would have been a better course of action. When our staff assessed transportation early, they found the roadways to be clear.  At 5:00 AM, no other counties immediately surrounding us were reporting delays. There was no information available at that time from county sources or weather services that would suggest a delay was warranted. Then, due to a late and rapidly moving weather system, a quick flurry of snow came.  As road conditions changed, our professionally trained drivers exercised great caution to get students safely to school. 
Nevertheless, we recognize that many of our families and employees faced difficulty, concern, and inconvenience because of the decision to open schools on time - and we apologize.
We are also aware that at least one media outlet incorrectly reported that FCPS had enacted a 2-hour delay. Although we contacted the media to correct that error as soon as we discovered it, communicating the correction with the wider FCPS-community would have helped clarify any confusion the error may have caused. We will do so in the future. Our goal is always to be timely and proactive in our communication - again, we will learn from this morning's events.
We appreciate the community's feedback. It helps FCPS to learn from its mistakes and to improve our operations moving forward."

Some buses were late arriving to county schools on Friday due to the winter weather, and the superintendent of schools issued this statement on Friday Afternoon regarding the delay in buses arrival:

"I thank everyone for their patience this morning as weather conditions were rapidly changing. Staff observed that Channel 9 (WUSA-TV) confused our status with Frederick County Public Schools in Virginia, and corrected this mistake. 

Although all schools are open on time, some buses are taking it slowly because of road conditions, and you may notice delays.  Principals and teachers will be flexible with late arrivals this (Friday) morning."

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