Frederick County Officials Continue Homicide Investigation

FREDERICK, MD - A family member went to check on 61-year-old Gloria Fitzpatrick when she did not return phone calls or show up to work on Monday. 

Investigators say the death has been considered suspicious since the victim was found on Monday. 

The Chief Medical Examiner's Office in Baltimore has now ruled the woman's death a homicide after autopsy reports revealed the woman died from several traumatic injuries.

Gloria Fitzpatrick was a mother, a grand mother, and a great grandmother, who worked at the Montgomery County National Institute of Health.

She lived alone in her apartment on Rooks Court in Frederick, where she was found dead on Monday.

"The manor of death was a homicide it was based on multiple traumatic injuries that we won't go into specifics due to the on going investigation," says Captain Tim Clarke of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives say there was no forced entry into Fitzpatrick's apartment, or signs of a struggle. They say evidence shows the victim never went through her typical Sunday night routine.

"It was obvious from the scene that those routines were not followed over the evening hours," says Captain Clarke.

Family members say they last saw Fitzpatrick on Sunday at a family function.
Detectives are trying to determine who is responsible. Anyone with information should call the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

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