Frederick County Resident Finds Something Unusual in Popcorn


FREDERICK, Md. - Popcorn, it's a snack that most people enjoy but what if you found something unexpected while you were reaching in for another bite?

One Frederick County resident says that's exactly what happened to her.

"I will never eat popcorn again ever. Or potato chips. No," said Reva Heatherly, Frederick County resident.

"And all of a sudden I felt something furry. And I dug my hand deeper into the bag and I revealed that there was a mouse in there," said Joanna Mullinix, found a dead mouse in her popcorn.

That's right! Frederick County resident, Joanna Mullinix, says she found a dead mouse in a bag of Smartfood Delight popcorn she bought this week at Giant Eagle.

"And the popcorn tasted fine and everything," said Mullinix. "So I had no clue there was going to be something in there."

Mullinix called both the popcorn company and the health department to file complaints. Since then, both the Frederick County Health Department and FDA have started an investigation but officials say they believe this is an isolated situation.

"At this point there's no need to taint the product or remove it from the shelf. And if something was to happen, the FDA would advise us. 'Hey we found this in other places, other locations," said George Keller, Director of the Frederick County Health Department.

The Frederick County Health Department handles about 200 food complaints a year, from restaurant complaints to finding something fishy in your food. Officials say if this happens to you,stop eating the product and call them immediately.

"And not to eat product but save the product," said Keller. "So we can collect the product and be able to follow up as to how did that happen, how can it be prevented, do we need to remove of the products?."

And for now, Mullinix said she's going to be extra careful.

"I'll probably empty out all the bags now just to make sure," said Mullinix.

WHAG Newsreached out the Smartfood Delight company for a statement about the matter andwe're still waiting for a response. We will let you know when we hear back.

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