Frederick County Schools, VA Add Days to School Calendar

- WINCHESTER, VA (WHAG) - The Frederick County School Board has amended the 2013-2014 school calendar during it's meeting on March 18th in order to make up additional instructional time lost due to inclement weather. 

This change means all schools will hold classes on Monday, March 31st and Tuesday, April 1st.  Those days were originally scheduled as days off for students due to one being a teacher workday, and the other being a professional development day.  This marks the second time this school year the Frederick County, VA Schools Board of Education has had to amend the school calendar in order to make up for instructional time lost due to inclement weather.

At the Board of Education Meeting on February 11th, the Board voted to make February 17th a regular school day.  The original 2013-2014 calendar had designated that date as a holiday for students and school staff.

"To date, we have lost 15 instructional days due to inclement weather. After asking our principals and other key staff for input, the decision was made to recommend that the School Board amend the school calendar to make March 31 and April 1 regular school days", says David Sovine, Frederick County Schools, VA Superintendent. 

With the latest change to the 2013-2014 academic calendar, Frederick County Public Schools, VA is positioned to meet the minimum 180 days or 990 hours of instruction that is required each year. State code also requires that the first five days of school missed be made up one-for-one, and for every two days missed in excess of the first five, the code requires one day to be made up. 

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