Frederick Kicks Off "Talk with the Mayor Tuesday"

- FREDERICK, Md. - Tuesday, August 26 marked the first “Talk with the Mayor Tuesday” in Frederick.

Mayor Randy McClement is inviting the public to come out to talk about issues that relate to them and ask questions. Officials said the new initiative is a way to further open the mayor’s door to the public, giving residents an opportunity to express any concerns or ideas they have.

Mayor McClement said while he’s always open to hear feedback, this slot of time will be set aside to make sure people have the time to talk with him one-on-one if they’d like.

“Sit down and just have a chat with the mayor to voice concerns, or tell us what great things we're doing, whatever it may be, give us some ideas,” said Mayor McClement. “Since I've been mayor, I do my best on Fridays to put aside two to three hours of the day and visit different parts of the city, and sometimes in the schedule it works and sometimes it doesn't. So, this way it's more of a planned schedule and place, so residents know where they can come find me and have that opportunity.”

No appointment is necessary; the mayor will be available at City Hall. "Talk with the Mayor Tuesday" is set for the fourth Tuesday of every month, from 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

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