Frederick Memorial Hospital Celebrates Asthma Awareness Day


FREDERICK, Md. - Believe it or not, asthma is one of the leading illnesses of young children. For those who have it, doing everyday things poses as a challenge.

"Sometimes I can't really control my asthma and I always get worked up when I have an asthma attack," says Sabrina Griffee, 7, suffers from asthma.

In honor of Asthma Awareness Day, a team of specialists from Frederick Memorial Hospital held its fifth annual "Camp Yes U Can Day."

It was held at the Whittier Elementary School; the day camp was an experience designed to help the children understand their asthma better.

"It's really hard to have asthma because sometimes you can't control it. Sometimes you can, but whenever you can't control it, you get really really bad, you get really sick," says Mikkail Marshall, 11, suffers from asthma.

Most the children were five to 14 years old. Several of them were returned campers and some were patients from the hospital.

"We actually have some pretty sick kids here that have multiple allergies, multiple triggers so it's not just one thing that makes somebody's asthma worse," says Shanna Figgins, registered respiratory therapist.

This became a great opportunity for the children to work with the nurses outside of a hospital setting.

"Asthma probably affects 10 percent of our patients in Frederick County for kids. We see a lot of asthma kids that come into the hospital, so our goal is to keep the kids out of the hospital, keep them active," says Martha Gurzick, pediatric clinical nurse.

Instead of wasting their youth worrying about their condition, the health specialists reminded them they are not just like anyone else.

Gurzick added, "We want to make sure that they understand just because they have asthma that they can exercise and participate in activities at school."

It is an educational event that made sure children were still out and about.

If you or know someone that suffers from Chronic Asthma, Frederick Memorial Hospital offers several services to tackle it. Click here for more information.


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