Frederick Memorial Hospital Educates Community About Colon Health


FREDERICK, Md. - Health experts say one of the leading illnesses in the nation is colon cancer.

They also say genetics are the number one factor that plays into colon cancer, the fourth most common cancer in the country.

"Approximately 160,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and approximately 50,000 people die each day, second leading cause of cancer," says Sean Hunt, gastroenterologist of Frederick Memorial Hospital.

On Monday night, health experts at the Frederick Memorial Crestwood Center met with approximately 50 community members to help educate them about the dangers and warning signs of the disease.

Their top advice was encouraging everyone to get regular screenings especially for those age 50 and older.

Colon cancer does not present obvious symptoms at times, something one 63-year old woman knows all too well.

"I was diagnosed June 2012 from something of what I thought was a simple gastrointestinal problem, and then they did a colonoscopy and they found it was a stage two tumor," says Karen Bradford, a previous colon cancer patient.

Other contributing factors include: high fat, low fiber diets, obesity and lack of exercise.

"Be very cognitive of your symptoms. Don't procrastinate. Get to the doctor and find out what's going on and the other thing I will say is that the experience taught me there's a great medical community," adds Bradford.

While it was a dark experience, Bradford has turned it into something positive by sharing her story.

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