Frederick Memorial Hospital's Bariatric Program Success Story

- FREDERICK, Md. - To many people, losing weight can be easier said than done and it is often frustrating.

One man did not want to feel hopeless anymore. With the support of his family and friends, he made a risky decision that led to a life-changing transformation.

In 2011, John Bille was about 400 lbs. He often felt out of breath and restless. After seeing one of his close friends successfully shed hundreds of pounds, Bille learned it was the result of Bariatric surgery. From then on, he began to attend classes at Frederick Memorial Hospital to learn more.

"Our surgeon that work closely with will tell patients it's very well known background. It's medically proven as the number one way for patients to have effective weight loss and keep it off," said Angela Michael, Frederick Memorial Hospital's Bariatric Program coordinator.

Gastric Bypass is when the bypass restricts food intake by creating a small pouch with a portion of the top of the stomach. It decreases how food is absorbed.

Bille finally had the surgery done in June 2011 and just days after, he immediately felt the difference.

"The weight loss just began. By the time I left the hospital, I lost about 16 pounds in just a few days," said Bille.

It took continuous commitment to get to where Bille is now, and up to this day he is still working closely with the hospital's counseling program.

"Patients that are motivated and have that continued lifelong support through the program are very successful at keeping it off," added Michael.

Bille said everything happened very quickly, from having to donate his old clothes to Goodwill to now finding a hobby in boxing.

With the first year after his surgery, Bille lost a total of 175 lbs, and today he has now reached a healthy 200 lbs, losing 50 percent of his overall weight.

"I feel great. I exercise almost every morning. I work out once a week with the trainer," said Bille.

With a new love for the gym, the risky decision ended up not just bringing good health but also happiness.

To learn more information about Frederick Memorial's Bariatric Surgery Program, click here.

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