Free Program to Help Residents Get Fit

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Washington County's adult obesity and diabetes rate is higher than the states average, that's why the county is working to help its citizens become more fit. 

“Our area has higher than normal obesity rates. I think many people are aware that money watch, the Wall Street journal picked Hagerstown-martinsburg corridor as the fifth fattest city in the US, and with that are huge increases of healthcare costs and our goal is to try to reduce that and have our city become healthier,” says 10,000 steps organizer Dave Ruff. 

Logan Barrett is participating with her family in support of her dad.

“My dad had Gastric Bypass because he bad type two diabetes. We just decided to do this so everyone can get more exercise, because it's kind of hard to join a gym,  you never push to do that,” says participant Logan Barrett.

The group met for the first time Saturday. They received binders with information to help them make healthier choices and keep track of their physical activity with pedometers. 

So what will you do to live an active lifestyle? This group is changing their lives one step at a time, towards ten thousand steps. And here's what they'll be doing..

“Taking ten minute breaks going for longer walks going outside playing with you kids, parking your car a little further away. That all adds up helps to get you that 10,000 step mark which is a mark of health and losing weight,” says Ruff.

“I usually walk a lot because I have a terrier so I like walking but this will help me so l walk a lot more,” says Barrett.

Organizers say adults should get an hour of physical activity a day and children should get 85 minutes, five to six days a week.



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