Front Royal Town Council Work to Repeal Fortune Telling Restriction

- FRONT ROYAL, Va. - Whether you believe in fortune telling or not, there has been a restriction on it in Front Royal for years. The town is now working on striking it down.

Since the early 60's, the town has had two codes in the book. Code 110-17 states "It shall be unlawful for any company of gypsies or other strolling company or person to receive compensation to tell fortunes or to practice so called "magic art." Code 98-42 allows fortune tellers to operate a business.

Steven Burke, town manager, said a merchant that was fortune telling downtown brought the issue to the council's attention. A first public hearing was held last Monday on the repeal. Burke said most council members were in favor of the motion.

"Due to the fact that we have a code that does permit a business as a fortune telling facility, we would allow a fortune teller to come into town to operate an out-of-place business," said Burke.

Astrologer Jeannie Mozier travels in and out of Berkeley Springs to give insight to her clients, and Mozier believed this repeal will not matter to the community of Front Royal.

"I'd be shocked if anybody knew the ban existed. I've done work in Front Royal.  I've done talks in Front Royal. I've never heard of a ban on 'fortune telling,' "said Mozier.

Mozier added the town may not have necessarily been against the act of fortune telling, but more so, protecting citizens from the many scams fortune tellers can bring.

A second public hearing will be held on August 25, 2014 to decide on the repeal.

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