Gas Prices Could Be Lower in 2013

FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - Driving the distance might be a little easier this year, knowing gas prices could ease up.


And while gas is something people have to buy, and they're stuck paying the price, many say they aren't buying that prices could be lower this year. 


"They've been releasing reports, but every time the prices go lower they seem to go back up higher so.... I don't know if they're going to stay lower or they're just telling us what we want to hear," says Terry Perkins of Frederick.


"I think they will go down around the summer time I mean the gas prices are going down now," says Johney Gates of Frederick.


According to AAA, the cost of gas could drop to the low to mid 3 dollar range during the first half of summer.


And this could be good news for Jaci Clayton, who is already looking forward to a road trip.


I'd like to take trips with my family next summer and I'm gonna drive this vehicle so it'd be great to have lower gas prices. Gas prices need to go down really with everything else it's the last thing we need rising," says Jaci Clayton of Frederick.


Most  would agree, they want to see gas prices to go down.


"I hope so I drive about 100 miles doing trip so cheaper gas would be a good thing," says Becky McKnight of Middletown, MD.

In Maryland regular gas, on average, is costing $3.34 a gallon. That's slightly above the national average, of $3.38.

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