Gibble's Potato Chips are Back on the Shelves


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.Snack food junkies will finally be able to “nibble their gibble”; the popular snack food brand Gibble’s are back on store shelves.

The Butcher Shoppe along Stouffer Avenue in Chambersburg received a shipment of the chips around 10 a.m. Wednesday morning. 

They received 720 bags of 8 oz. regular Gibble's potato chips, 540 bags of the 14 oz. regular Gibble's potato chips, and 36 bags of thin pretzels. 

Workers at the Butcher Shoppe say they sold 120 bags in the first two hours. They say they've seen an increase in customers already because of the chips. 

The business was one of the first in 
Chambersburg to receive a shipment Wednesday. 

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