Greencastle Man Seriously Injured in Mobile Home Fire


GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a mobile home fire that happened Sunday afternoon in Greencastle.

As WHAG's Kirstin Garriss found out, it was the heroism of four people that helped save a step-father's life making it one Mother's Day for this family to remember.

"In my, in my opinion there was four heroes yesterday," said Sherry Freeman.

For Sherry Freeman, this Mother's Day was about her husband, Geoffrey Freeman, who was rescued by her son, daughter and two family friends from a mobile home fire.

"And risked his life to save Geoff. And my daughter risked her life. And they were all heroes in my book," said Freeman.

Officials say the fire started around 5pm on Williamson Road but Freeman said it took minutes for her children to react.

"Once they got that door busted in, my son didn't hesitate he ran right in," said Freeman. "And dragged Geoff to the door. And my daughter's boyfriend, Sam met him and he grabbed his feet and he carried him over and laid him in the grass."

"It's just different when you get here and you know it's your house, your adrenaline is pumping, the first you do is try to do something," said Bella Reihart, daughter.

Police said the fire and how it started remains under investigation but Freeman said her husband was under a lot of stress before the incident.

"This isn't my husband he never would have done this. He just, was under so much stress and the thought this was the only way out," said Freeman.

And Freeman considers her children and family friends heroes for their actions. 

"None of us think of us as heroes," said Reihart. "We just needed to save our house. You know we needed to save our house, our cats, our step dad."

Saving a step father's life on a day dedicated to mothers.

Geoffrey Freeman was flown to Johns Hopkin's Bayview Medical Center for treatment. This is an ongoing investigation.

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