Guests' Reaction to Mitt Romney's Appearance

GREENCASTLE, PA - Mitt Romney's Keynote Address at the Lincoln Day Dinner held by The Republican Party of Franklin County was met with much applause and excitement from the crowd.

Guest Lori Sword says, "I would've laughed a lot more with some of the stuff that he said because you know I thought some of the other stuff he had to say was pretty funny too. Especially about Obama."

Another guest, Andy Hawbaker, says, "Showed that he had some sense of humor and I like that in a person. Somebody that can laugh at himself, as well as with other people."

Probably one of the youngest in the crowd, 26-year-old Jason Strait says, "He's a very strong individual. I think he has a lot of experience that I'm looking for in a president."

Hawbaker also says, "I have only seen two or three presidents in my life. I thought tonight I might see the next president of the United States and that's the sole reason that I came."

Many of the guests say they will continue to support Mitt Romney until the elections in November.

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