Hagerstown Fire Department Enforce Pedestrian Safety


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - There has always been a high volume of traffic on the Dual Highway, which makes it extra dangerous, not just for drivers, but also pedestrians.

Within the past month, officials say there have been three pedestrian involved accidents on that road.

One of them resulted in the death of a pedestrian and another was seriously injured.

Within the past week, there were two separate incidents where an older child was flown to a pediatric trauma center.

In an effort to prevent more people from these tragic incidents, the Hagerstown Fire Department and Maryland State Police have a few tips in mind for everyone.

"Dual Highway isn't a safe road to be walking along. It can be considered a divided highway because of the traffic having the median strip in the middle. There's no real safe area for a pedestrian to be along," says Adam Hopkins, captain of the Hagerstown Fire Department.

Maryland State Police troopers in Hagerstown also say pedestrians should always follow traffic laws that are made for them and the drivers' safety.

"Pedestrians by law are required to cross streets in some cases in a crosswalk or at an intersection," says Sergeant Kevin Lewis, assistant Hagerstown barrack commander.

One trend that is becoming dangerous is texting and walking.

"It's actually shifted to the age group that your pre-teens and your teenagers are the target groups because cell phones are more readily available," adds Hopkins.

According to a 2012 report by SafeKids Worldwide, the death and injury rate in the teen population is on the rise due to distractions such as cell phones and music.

Another statistic from the report has shown people who text and drive are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision.

The fire department urges parents to sit down with their children and teenagers to discuss important road safety tips.

Listed below are some safety tips all pedestrians should use:

1) Wear reflective clothing if
walking at night or carry a flashlight

2) Avoid walking while intoxicated

3) Cross only at crosswalks

4) While for turning drivers while
crossing the crosswalk

5) Avoid walking along roads with no
shoulder or a higher rate of speed

By following some of these tips, it can be another life saved.

For more additional information on pedestrian safety, click here.

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