Hagerstown Regional Airport could lose Federal Subsidy


HAGERSTOWN, Md.- The Federal Aviation Administration's Essential Air Service subsidy could be eliminated from Hagerstown Regional Airport after failing to meet requirements of 10 enplanements per day.

"Hagerstown is just on that bubble as to if you're close enough to the Baltimore-Washington area that you're entitled to these types of services," said U.S. Senator Ben Cardin. "We believe you are, and we've fought for that."

"We have a commuter service and we do have a commercial service," said Washington County Public Relations manager James Jenkins. "This would just affect our commuter service which is our daily flights from Hagerstown Regional Airport to Dulles."

The airport's commuter service is provided by Sun Air International. The airline is under new management after averaging about four enplanements per day last year.

"We've tried to improve the service, which it has," said Jenkins. "Our enplanements have actually gone up per day."

Washington County has 20 days to file an objection to keep the subsidy, officials say they're in the process of doing that now.

"There's no decision for the time schedule to be made," Senator Cardin adds. "We will do everything we can to try and provide help from the congressional delegation."

The FAA will look at the objection request from the county and make a decision from there. If turned down, the county will file a waiver to continue the commuter service.

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