Hagerstown Sees Spike in Vehicle Thefts

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - If you live in Hagerstown, you may want to double check your car doors to make sure they are locked. Officers with Hagerstown City Police Department said vehicle thefts are on the rise.

There has been 13 reports this past June compared to only three in June of last year, according to Lieutenant Hurd.

"It could be they're taking them to get from point A to be point B, it could be something that they're interested within the vehicle; when they get in there, they realize the keys are there, so they're taking things out of the vehicle so it's hard to say what reason it is they're actually taking them," said Hurd.

While the reports are scattered in different areas of the city, there have been concentrations in the South end and North End. Thefts in the South end happened from Memorial Boulevard South to Howard Street, and from Potomac Street West to Guilford Avenue.

The thefts in the North End occurred from Mealey Parkway South to McKee Avenue, and from Potoamc Avenue East to Mulberry Avenue.

Officers said many of the cars uncovered recently have been found in conditions ranging from undamaged to severely damaged.

While there are no specific vehicle models that are targeted, it is crimes of "opportunity" that attract thieves. Vehicles that have been left running or unlocked with the keys in the console becomes easy access.

The police department is asking residents to lock your doors no matter how short of a time you will be gone.

Hurd added, "Lock your car, don't leave your keys in it if you're going to run in the store for a few minutes. Turn your car off, lock it, take your keys with you. Don't leave things of value within the car."

Police have made arrests and want to prevent anyone else from becoming victim.

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