Hagerstown Suns Owner Presents $25 Million "Suns Deal"

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Before the next pitch is thrown, the majority owner of the Hagerstown Suns, Bruce Quinn, says it's time to make a decision.

"We can't go another season with no resolution, so whichever way we decide, we want to stay in Hagerstown," he says, "we like Hagerstown. We have a strong base in Hagerstown of fans."

Reassuring words from Quinn who presented a $25 million "Suns Deal" to city officials pushing aside the downtown stadium proposal.

Lewis Metzner, Hagerstown City Council, says, "With naming rights, we have a new proposal for the Suns to put $3 million up front which is a new proposal, and I think we're now looking more at the East end."

"That's where we are now," says Quinn. "We like the residence out there, we can increase the property values out there, there's a park there. There's a lot of things there, but there's three eye sores and we really need to work to get rid of those."

Quinn says the three eye sores are: Municipal stadium, the Municipal Electric Light Plant and the recycling plant.

He also says they can't afford to go another season of uncertainty, literally.

Quinn says the current stadium is killing business sponsors and may even lead the Nationals to look at other options.

"This is not a big money maker for us, this is more of a passion," says Quinn.

"We have to look at where we can best invest our resources, but he's willing to work with us," says Hagerstown Mayor David Gysberts. "We don't have a lot of time, but he's willing to work with us to create something viable."

The Suns and city officials remain optimistic, but final decisions must and will be made by the city.

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